Banner exchange

Chapter 10: Some More Paid Advertising Opportunities Idea 75: Buying Banner Advertising You could buy banner advertising to promote your web site. Most larger content sites (and search engines) sell banner advertising, as do many smaller sites. Additionally, there are advertising networks who sell advertising space across many sites. Larger sites and advertising networks tend to sell banner advertising on a Cost-Per-Click ("CPC") or Cost Per Thousand Impressions ("CPM") basis. * CPC means that you pay for each person who clicks on your banner ad. * CPM means that you pay for every one thousand displays of your banner ad. Obviously only a small percentage of the people who see your banner ad will click-thru to your web site. For example, if you were to pay $5 CPM, and 1% of people seeing the ad were to click, then you would get 10 visitors for $5, or pay the equivalent of $0.50 per visitor. Smaller sites sometimes sell advertising on a CPM or CPC basis, but some also sell advertising on a monthly or weekly basis. Depending on how many visitors these smaller sites get (you should ask them before buying advertising), monthly/weekly rates for different sites can work out to be the equivalent of astronomical CPM rates, super-cheap CPM rates, or anything in-between. When choosing where to buy banner advertising, you should also consider that you will probably get the best response from web sites that targeted to your particular subject area (or if advertising on search engines, you may get the highest response if you have your banners displayed only to people who entered your particular keywords).