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Region and City Targeting Previous Topic Next Topic Objective: Target your ads to small geographic areas using region and city targeting to reach a specific population. Learn why and when to use region and city targeting, and get step-by-step instructions on setting this option for your AdWords campaign. Why and When Should I Target a Region or City? Back to Top Region and city targeting is best used by advertisers whose audience is concentrated in defined areas. With region and city targeting, you can capture a smaller population segment and receive more qualified clicks. This helps keep your clickthrough rate high and your costs low. Additionally, you can create more customised ad text and landing pages that highlight special promotions or pricing based on the audience you are targeting. Region and city targeting usually works best for region-specific businesses, such as boutiques, stores, restaurants or hotels. For example, if you sell flowers and only deliver in the Sydney City area, you should target your campaign to that area only. Region and city targeting may not be offered in your country. The available options will be displayed when you set up your campaign. What Will Regionally Targeted Ads Look Like? Back to Top AdWords will identify your chosen region or city (whichever is the most specific) in the last line of ad text in your region and city targeted ads to distinguish them from nationally-targeted ads. These ads will appear on Google and on some of our partner sites. Region and City Targeting Accuracy Back to Top Some Internet Service Providers (ISPs) assign their users an IP address that masks the user's location. This excludes these users from seeing region- and city-targeted ads. To reach these ISP users, we recommend you also create a nationally targeted campaign with region-specific keywords and ad text to capture additional traffic. Here is an example of a used car dealer in Sydney that has created both region and city and national campaigns.