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Best place to create free banner ads
I have took the time to research the various free banner and ad creating programs on the web so you don't have to. In this article I will list all of the programs I have found, what I like or dislike about them and which one in my opinion is the best.

TOP 3:

  • (On-Line) This one is easy to get started using, it has quite a few (91) pre-made styles to select from. The only downside is that a text ad is displayed for on each ad you create.

  • (Download Program) This program creates more sizes than just standard banners. Once you download the program its very easy to get started. This program has a lot of options and is highly recommended. The only downside is that there is 15 day trial after which you will have to pay $35.00 to continue using it.

  • (On-Line) HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! This website does not allow you to create banner ads for free, but I would like to mention it here because some of the ads you can create with this program are pretty amazing and would get you a much higher click-through rate than traditional banners.

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    • ABC Banners - Very easy to add text, but there are still only 95 banner ad backgrounds available to use.

    • MediaBuilder 3D Text Maker - Easy + flexible. Banners made here are ok to use on commercial pages.

    • Animation Online - Easier, but more limited. Banners made here are also ok to use on commercial pages.

    • Creative Connectivity - Easy, blanks needed. New version better, but old version (linked) may be easier.

    • The PCman Website - Step by step free banner maker, with choice of online blanks.

    • Quick Banner - Easy, but the templates they offer (536) seem to have less room to add text than others.

    • The Banner Generator - Not so easy, but it has been around a long time and made many improvements.

    • Ad Designer - Easy, but all banners made here include "FREE AD BY ADDESIGNER.COM" on them.

    • High Power Graphics Free Banner Builder - New service that looks easy and allows uploading of blanks.

    • Cool Text - Very easy, but slow. Banners made here might be limited to only a few words or your URL.

    • TopSite Guide Banner Maker - Another new online banner creation service - somewhat limiting, but free.

    • BannerCreator.US - New service with 99 banner backgrounds to choose from, plus add in custom text.

    • BannerCreator.NU - This banner maker looks pretty detailed, but may be a bit too hard for a novice.

    • Siggiez Banner Maker 1 - Another free service with blanks set up for various occaisions, but not real easy.

    • Siggiez Banner Maker 2 - New version of the above lets you add your own banner blank off your hard drive.

    • - New free banner making service that seems to be targeting users.

    • Banner Creator - Basic instructions how to make a custom banner with Microsoft Paint (on your PC).

    • Banner Break - Claims to be "Your One Stop Banner Design Shop", but it went down. (Now back up!)

    • HTML Goodies Banner Primers - 7 lessons on how to make your own advertising banner from scratch!

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