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1800Banners Development Plans
Over the course of the next week march 5th-10th we will be rolling out some new updates to our system which will include:

New account upgrade system:
Our new upgrade system will allow users to custom build there own upgrade package instead of choosing pre-made packages, there will also be other features such as a discount system based on subscription cycle chosen and more! Users will benefit from this by only paying for the options they need and not for the options they don't need.

City, State, Area Code Targeting:
Users that are upgraded with these options available will be able to target by city, state and area code.

*Median Income Range CITY Targeting:
Users that have the city targeting option available will be able to target cities by there median income range (the average income per household in a city). This will be a great benefit to retailers seeking to display ads in high-income cities or low income cities depending on the product they are offering.

All upgrades will be announced by email once they are completed.
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