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1800Banners is committed to protecting its publishers and advertisers.
Protecting advertisers from click fraud is our top priority at Recently we have deployed new anti-fraud systems that protects advertisers from invalid clicks. Invalid clicks may be a bot, or traffic sent directly to our click url, or someone clicking on multiple ads repeatedly.

All click-throughs from 1800Banners are 24-Hour unique PER campaign. No more than 3 clicks TOTAL (1 for each unique campaign clicked) from a single IP can be counted in a 24 hour period. This eliminates/reduces click fraud from users clicking on multiple campaigns on there own websites, or having other people do it for them.

Our system guarantees that publishers visitors MUST click on the banner ad for any credit to rewarded. Its not possible to cheat the ad click-through tracker url.

Publishers may not inflate there impressions by refreshing ads over and over either. Our system tracks traffic from every IP and if it exceeds the allowable amount within a certain time frame that IP address is cut off from earning the publisher any credit as well as deducting from advertisers.

We are committed to improving our system so that our publishers and advertisers have the maximum amount of protection that can be offered by our software systems.
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