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Cheating banner & ad exchanges : anticheat system
One of the reasons people were driven away from ad exchanges in general is because of cheating. Who would want to put ads on their site, only to get there impressions ripped off by another member using an automated traffic inflation method?

1800banners utilizes a unique IP tracking technology, and has the most advanced anti-cheat system probably ever created for not only a banner exchange, but an adserver system.

Cheating has been eliminated at and here is how:

Discuss this article on 1800banners tracks all traffic on the IP level, we limit the amount of credits publishers can earn per IP address in a given time frame. If an IP address refreshes the banner more times than the allowed in a certain time frame, the IP is suspended from earning credits until the timed cycle is complete.

If too many IP addresses are suspended for an account, the account is flagged for review.

This system mitigates all cheating from automated traffic inflation methods, such as automated-refreshing and Auto-Surf traffic exchanges.

We also monitor CTR percentages on accounts, our software flags accounts that send a lot of impressions and very few unique click-throughs.

We are working hard at 1800banners to protect our publishers and advertisers!

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